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Affordable Home Inspection Services in Traverse City MI, designed to provide you ease. Count on MI Homes for all your home evaluation matters.

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MI Homes Premier Inspection Services is tailored to provide a reliable source for home evaluation. MI Home North inspection holds years of experience in odor removal service, Hud foundation certification and best home inspection service. Our team of professionals are responsible for providing reliable and valid home evaluation. We look into every possible area to inspect and let you know the health of your property. Contact us for Professional residential inspection services with maximum amenity and affordability.

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Superior Home Inspection Services

affordable home inspection services

Home Inspection Services

Professional home inspection services are an essential part of the process, whether you're buying or selling a house. After carefully assessing the property, our licensed and skilled inspectors provide a comprehensive report addressing every important area, from the foundation to the roof. We ensure you are fully aware of the state of the property, possible problems, and maintenance requirements. Home inspection traverse city allows you to make wise decisions and avoid future costly surprises.

hud foundation certification

HUD foundation Certification

Utilizing our HUD foundation certification, manufactured or mobile homes can be easily inspected to meet all the standards to be eligible for various financial programs, including FHA loans. We provide compliance certificates quickly, streamlining the process and guaranteeing that all regulatory requirements are satisfied. With our superior home inspection services, you can confidently navigate real estate transactions.

odor removal service

Odor Removal Service

We at MI Homes North Inspection know the adverse effects bad smells can cause to your home's comfort. Our experts identify and make sure that all odors are eliminated, whether from pets, smoke, mold, or other sources. Our Residential Odor Elimination Service are easy on the pocket and most reliable in town. No more foul smells to disturb you as MI Homes North Inspection has your back

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mi homes north inspection
We are a well-known brand in the superior home inspection services industry because of our dedication to quality work and client happiness.

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