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We are a team of professionals who add elegance to your outdoor spaces with the most elegant decks and fences. 

About Us

Altos Decks & Fence is a name for professional service for the installation and repair of fences and decks. We provide the best new fence installation services that match your taste and the needs of your outer space. We are a team of experts with years of experience in the field. Our company uses only high-quality materials to make your fences and decks in optimal condition. We add our best efforts to repair all the issues that come up with the passage of time in the fences or the decks. Weather harassment leaves nothing in its original form, that’s why professional help is always required to keep your outpace up to date. Our work is professional and long-lasting. We do not apply shortcuts. Our process is based on thorough consultation and plan execution. Get your worn-out and weather-damaged decks and fences repaired by our high-level services. 

Why Choose Us?

Here is why we are known as the most affordable fence repair services Aldie VA  

Long-lasting repairs
On time delivery
Premium materials
Certified professionals 
Attention to details

Our Services

Fences - New Installation & Repair

 Get your backyards elevated and up to the mark with our premium fence installation services. Our experts use top-notch quality products to repair the issues that arise in the fences due to the extreme weather conditions or water damage. We fix all types of fences, including wood, vinyl, chain link, and more. We use expert techniques to set posts, attach panels, and make proper alignments for the best results. Fences secure your homes from animals, small pests, and all the stranger's eyes. That's why keeping them in the best condition possible is very necessary. Hire our experts today if you are facing worn-out or missing fences. We are a top-notch fence repair company that provides services on your doorstep.

Decks - New Installation & Repair

Get excellent deck installation services from our certified experts. We know the importance of well-maintained decks and how they elevate the property's aesthetics. Decks are used to relax and enjoy the outdoor environment. We customize decks to match the leisure of your lifestyle, such as a cozy reading deck, a BBQ recreation spot, a hot tub area, or built-in seating. Our team examines all the deck areas and highlights the areas that need repair. After the inspection, the deck repairs, sanding, fixtures, and safety coating are done. We will let you know whether you need new deck panels or repairs can be done. Molds and weather damages often leave the decks in poor condition, and they cannot be fixed. In such situations, we consult with you and change the overall deck with the best possible process. Get the most affordable services today.

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Altos Decks & Fence is a name for professional service for the installation and repair of fences and decks.

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