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Enhance Your Space with Professional Carpentry Services in Timonium, MD

Change the look of your room with care and precision. In Timonium, MD, you can get high-quality carpentry services that are suited to your needs.

About Us

We are a family owned business that have been serving the area for 15 years

At General Construction Services, we specialize in Professional Carpentry Services in Timonium, MD. We prioritize customer satisfaction. We follow a high level of quality. We have done an excellent job of making ourselves known as a trustworthy company. Our skilled craftspeople work hard to make sure you get great results. We work hard to meet each client’s specific wants. We can fix up old things, do renovations, and add custom things. Our solutions are made to fit your exact wants. Pick General Construction Services in Timonium, Maryland. When it comes to all your woodworking needs, our skilled builders will make a big difference.

Why Choose Us?

Are you looking for the best company for professional carpentry services? As a means of distinguishing ourselves from other organizations, we excel in the following regards:

Exceptional Expertise
Customized Service
Timely Completion
Competitive Pricing
Best Materials
Unique Customer Service

Our Services

Painting / Drywall Repair

Refresh the appearance of your property with our Quality Painting and Drywall Repair Services in Timonium, MD. We are committed to delivering unique solutions for your drywall and painting needs at General Construction Services. We offer Excellent Painting services in Timonium, MD. Our esteemed technicians employ innovative procedures for drywall repair with our Best Drywall Repair service in Timonium, MD. Also, superior materials are utilized. By implementing these measures, errors are avoided. Durability and aesthetic appeal are enhanced as a result of the improvements. Our painting services encompass both the interior and exterior. Plumbrette repairs are an additional area of expertise for us. As an Excellent Painting and Drywall Repair company in Timonium, MD, our professional drywall repair and painting services will astound you. In Timonium, Maryland, we serve both commercial and residential clients.

Carpentry Services

Our Professional Carpentry Services in Timonium, MD, accommodate commercial and residential clients. We offer Trusted Commercial Carpentry services in Timonium, MD, which assist you in enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your commercial place. Our proficient personnel are responsible for an extensive array of duties. Installations and structural enhancements can be performed following your specifications. We can manifest your concepts with the help of our proficient group. We have you covered whether you need custom cabinets installed, trim work completed, or restorations made. To obtain dependable carpentry services in Timonium, Maryland, contact General Construction Services. We can skillfully and precisely alter your residence's appearance with our Top Residential Carpentry service in Timonium, MD.

Flooring / Tiling Services

When it comes to flooring and tiling, our Timonium, MD staff is the best. To revitalize your floors, you can anticipate the best when retaining our Experienced Flooring services in Timonium, MD. General Construction Services offers a wide variety of flooring materials. Our Best Flooring service in Timonium, MD, includes laminate, porcelain, ceramic, and timber tiles that are available for purchase. Every installation is conducted with great attention to detail by our personnel to ensure both visual attractiveness and sustained functionality. We assure you that our proficient team will perform expert installations and deliver exceptional craftsmanship. It is guaranteed whether you are improving your residence or place of business. We shall produce work of the utmost quality. Your space will exude sophistication and elegance. Our Excellent Flooring and Tiling company in Timonium, MD, is the best for flooring and tiling.

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General Construction Services

At General Construction Services, we specialize in Professional Carpentry Services in Timonium, MD.

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