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About Us

4 Years of Experience

Masika Cleaning Services LLC is an Avon Lake OH professional residential cleaning company. Messed-up areas create a very poor impact, whether they are residential places or commercial buildings. We have certified experts to make your properties up to the mark and revitalize their optimal look. Our experts make every possible effort to clean up by dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and disinfecting. We also have a wide range of deep cleaning services for your apartments, as well as move-in and move-out spaces, which includes carpet cleaning machines, steam cleaners, and power washers. Commercial places require more effort to be cleaned as they are the most visited areas. We employ industrial-strength vacuum cleaners, floor buffers, and pressure washers for commercial cleaning. Always count on us for quality retail store cleaning services in Avon Lake, OH.

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Here is why we are known as excellent moving-out cleaning services in Avon Lake OH; 

Deep Cleaning
Odor Removal
On Time Delivery
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Our Services

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Residential Cleaning

The apartment got messed up due to last night's party. Our experts understand that after-party apartment cleanup is a real time hassle. Do not panic. Get your apartments cleaned with affordable residential cleaning services from us. Our professional staff cleared all the leftovers and mess dribbled on the floor. We begin by cleaning the floors and walls with cleansers to ensure a thorough cleaning experience. To make carpets dirt-free, use specialized carpet shampoos that don't affect their colors and keep them vibrant. Kitchen-formulated chemicals and scrubbing equipment are applied to remove dirt and stains to make all the food's leftover aroma. Even if you are making a move in or move out, we've got you covered. We clean up all the untidiness in your residences and provide you with the best results.

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Commercial Cleaning

We are a professional office cleaning company in Avon Lake, OH. Moving to a new office and wanting it to be up to the mark? Call our experts to help you set up your office fully cleansed. Even if there are smells or bad odors due to being closed for a long time, we make them fresh and fragranced. Our commercial cleanup services include cleaning motels, offices, Airbnb, and retail businesses. Every property is unique and requires an exclusive cleanup. That’s why we have industrial-strength vacuum cleaners, floor buffers, pressure washers, window washing poles, and commercial-grade disinfectants. We aim to provide you with an immaculate environment that makes a positive first impression. We are a top-notch commercial cleaning company in Avon Lake, OH. Commercial areas are the most visited places, which is why they carry lots of infections, and regular maintenance and disinfection can make them healthy for everyone. Call us today for cheap motel cleaning services in Avon Lake OH.

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Masika Cleaning Services LLC is an Avon Lake OH professional residential cleaning company.

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