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Got a messed-up retail store but no time to cleanup? Don’t worry, we got your back with professional cleaners.

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About Us

4 Years of Experience

Masika Cleaning Services LLC is a reputable cleaning service in Shaker Heights OH. We are a group of skilled cleaners with years of experience making your properties fresh and lively. Our services are available for both residential and commercial buildings. Dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and disinfecting are all part of our residential cleaning services. We also provide deep cleaning for your apartments, move-in and move-out spaces, which includes carpet cleaning machines, steam cleaners, and power washers. We employ industrial-strength vacuum cleaners, floor buffers, and pressure washers for commercial cleaning. Expert cleaning techniques include meticulous attention to detail to ensure no area is filthy. Our affordable Airbnb cleaning service will leave your spaces immaculate and refreshed.

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Here is why we are known as the professional office cleaning company in Shaker Heights OH;

Deep cleaning
Odor removal
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No residue
Maximum customer satisfaction

Our Services

residential cleaning

Residential Cleaning

Get your apartments cleaned with affordable residential cleaning services. Our staff begins with a thorough assessment to determine which areas require a fresh-up touch. We begin by cleaning appliances and walls with cleansers to ensure a thorough cleaning experience. Brooming and deep vacuuming are done to eliminate loose particles scattered on the floor. To make carpets dirt-free, we utilize specialized carpet shampoos that make them clean and enhance their appearance. Scrubber machines are used for floor tiles and grout. Kitchen-formulated chemicals and scrubbing equipment are applied to remove dirt and stains, turning your cooking area sparkling. Don't worry if you must move in or out and don't have enough time to tidy up; we've got you covered. We clean up all the mess in your places by making deep cleaning and provide you with the best results. We love to make our customers satisfied with our high-level services.

commercial cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Contact us for top-notch commercial cleaning in Shaker Heights, OH. We provide specialized commercial cleanup as we know how much a fresh environment matters for productivity. We clean up all types of spaces, whether it's a motel, office, Airbnb, or retail business. Our cutting-edge equipment and skills provide a pristine, disinfected and odor-free environment. We tailor cleanup methods according to the unique requirements of your Commercial spaces. Providing you a pristine environment that turns a positive first impression, influencing clients and partners. Beyond aesthetic appeal, regular cleaning contributes to workers' well-being by minimizing allergens and preventing the spread of illnesses. Our licensed cleaners use industrial-strength vacuum cleaners, floor buffers, pressure washers, window washing poles, and commercial-grade disinfectants to keep your spaces clean. You can always count on us for affordable Airbnb cleaning services. Get your motels and retail stores a revamped look to enhance productivity, employee morale, and client satisfaction. Call us today for cheap motel cleaning services in Shaker Heights OH.

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masika cleaning services

Masika Cleaning Services LLC is a reputable cleaning service in Shaker Heights OH.

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